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An Ideal Service For When…

Looking for professional plumbing advice on a repair or replacement.

You’re looking for a professional plumbing service, or you already have a plumbing quote and want a second opinion before hiring a plumber.

You want to make sure you have all the parts and tools before starting a repair or new plumbing installation.

You’re planning a remodel involving plumbing changes or plumbing upgrades.

You’re second-guessing yourself and need a little advice or reassurance before you start.

What is a Virtual Plumbing Assistant You Ask?

Virtual Plumbing Assistant is an online plumbing help service dedicated to helping you fix plumbing problems around your home.

Not every home plumbing repair is a huge costly job. Sometimes you just want to try and fix it yourself or get advice on what the next steps should be.

That’s why Virtual Plumbing Assistant was created – to assist DIYers with repairs and to assist those who just need advice or have questions and want to know what to do next.

With the use of your smartphone or other device, a professional plumber can assist you in real time while viewing your plumbing problem and determine a course of action.

If you are a DIY’er, a property owner, a renter or even a contractor, this may just be the best plumbing tool you’ve ever used!

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John Burr, plumber

When it comes right down to it, sometimes all you need is a little help from a virtual certified plumber to get the job done!

After spending more than two decades working as a residential plumber, I quickly came to realize that some of my work could be done by a knowledgeable homeowner or DIYer with the right assistance from a professional.”

~ John Burr, your Virtual Plumber

A Few Customer Testimonials


“Hi John. Just wanted to send an update that Donnelle was able to replace the faucet. Thank you SO MUCH!!! You saved us so much stress! Donnelle and I are very grateful.”

Donnelle James

For thirty bucks and a video chat, I was able to fix my customer’s sump pump problem making me look like an instant hero.  I’m a general contractor and I normally leave plumbing to the experts, but while remodeling a customers basement, I need to act quick on a hard rainy day before my work area flooded.  John showed me the faulty one-way discharge valve was stuck open so water in the line would return back into the well again.  A quick Home Depot trip and I fixed a potential disaster!

Andre Silveri

My kitchen sink was dripping from the drain pipe under the cabinet and I couldn’t figure out why so I looked for plumbers, found Virtual Plumbing Assistant, and decided to try this first.  Glad I did!  Streaming my phone video, John pointed out what I couldn’t see myself.  The water trail from the cold water valve connection.  I replaced the braided hose and all is well.  Saved money and did it myself!

Brian A.

How It Works & Getting Started

“John, I hope people realize the beauty of your service is the ultra-low cost of consultation.  Spending just $35 for the first half hour instead of $225 – the lowest plumber quote I received!  I fixed a $29 leaky washer hose all on my own…okay, with your help too – lol.   Thank you again, John!”

~ Natalie Whaley

 It’s Simple As 1 – 2 – 3!


To get started, email me your name and a description of your problem using this form.  You can get help regarding your plumbing issue at any time during my business hours. I provide service to homeowners in need from 12pm to 9pm (EST).  However, if I happen to be at my computer during off-hours, I will answer no matter what time it is.

And don’t worry.  There’s nothing to dowload!


John Burr, a professional plumber with over 27 years of in-field plumbing experience, will reply to you by email.  BE SURE TO DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER!  Should you agree to continue, a $35 payment is required for the first half hour.

You can find all payment terms and instructions here. 


I will connect with either video chat, email, or text and evaluate the problem.  No app or software downloads required.  I will walk you through the entire plumbing process to inspect your issues remotely before nailing down a solution. Once a solution has been found, we’ll decide together whether you need a plumbing professional or if you can handle the job yourself.