How To Fix Plumbing

Virtual Plumbing

We are living in an increasingly technological world.  Before, you had to actually call your plumber and have them look at your issues.  Nowadays, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can enjoy a virtual plumber guiding your through your plumbing problem from the comfort of your cell phone, laptop or tablet.

If you’ve never pursued the services of a virtual plumbing repair service, you’ve come to the right place.  As the founder of Virtual Plumbing Assistant, I quickly came to realize that many plumbing issues could be tackled by a homeowner with just a bit of extra help.

In conjunction with the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to offer myself as a virtual plumbing guide for those in need of contactless, quick plumbing repair guide services.

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, I have grown increasingly aware of the risks of the virus as well as the need for contactless services.  The need for a virtual plumbing service seemed and ideal fit.

Here at Virtual Plumbing Assistant, I am happy to offer my virtual plumbing service to clients in need through a virtual chat service. Simply contact me here to send your info or schedule an appointment.

fixing a bathroom sink faucet hwile viewing from a tablet

The great thing about virtual plumbing repairs is that you can use them to target specific issues within your system. I can provide virtual guidance to address issues pertaining to your sump pump, water heater, sinks and faucets, washing machine, or even your water supply lines. Anything water related in your home!

If you need assistance sizing a replacement valve or installing a new shut-off valve, I can walk you through the process.  If at any point you realize that this is out of your comfort zone, we will suggest that a local professional finish your repair, along with some insight as to what your repairs might cost.  We will not refer plumbers to you.   We suggest finding one thru friends or local advertising.  Word of mouth is usually the best way to go if possible!

Virtual Plumbing Assistant is not affiliated with any plumbing unions, contractors, or companies!

Virtual Plumber Advantages

Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect when you contact Virtual Plumbing Assistant:

  • Fast! Get plumbing questions answered fast.  No waiting for a plumber to arrive.
  • Availability!  I’m here 12pm to 9pm.  I even offer after-hour appointments in advance.  Many plumbers work a typical Monday through Friday 9 to 5 work day and charge extra for plumbing emergencies on off hours.
  • Convenient and safe! Let your phone or tablet camera be my eyes.  I never need to set foot in your home.
  • Affordable!  Starting at $35 for the first half hour, it may in some cases only take that long to determine your plumbing problem and a course of action for the repair.  Compare that to a plumber who typically charges at least $200 just to show up!
  • Pro plumbing help! Perfect for the DIYer who just needs some professional plumbing advice or plumbing code guidance.
  • Ask questions, get answers!  While it can be nice to search YouTube for plumbing solutions, you aren’t going to be able to ask questions during your video.  I have decades’ worth of plumbing experience and customer service and I am ready to offer you support.​