About Virtual Plumbing Assistant

“When it comes right down to it, sometimes all you need is a little help from a virtual plumber to get the job done!”

I’m John Burr, founder of Virtual Plumbing Assistant.   It is my goal to offer virtual plumbing repair assistance that is affordable, effective, and entirely convenient for my client.

After spending more than 27 years working as a residential plumber, I quickly came to realize that some of my work could be done by a knowledgeable homeowner with the right assistance from a professional.  And Once COVID-19 hit, there was more of a need for a virtual plumber than ever before.​

Naturally, since I have been helping people virtually, I have gotten negative feedback from different plumbers across the country.  I’m a professional plumber just like them so I do understand their point, however, times have certainly changed, and this change benefits YOU.

Let’s get to work.  Contact me to get started or learn more about my service here.


John Burr, plumber

John Burr, professional plumber and owner of Virtual Plumbing Assistant