Online Plumbing Help

Let me introduce myself.  I’m John Burr, owner and creator of Virtual Plumbing Assistant and a real-life 27 year residential plumber.  With my virtual plumbing service, I can quickly evaluate your plumbing problem without ever setting foot in your home!  Let me show you how.

Virtual Plumber Advantages

Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect when you contact Virtual Plumbing Assistant:

  • Fast! Get plumbing questions answered fast.  No waiting for a plumber to arrive.
  • Availability!  I’m here 12pm to 9pm.  I even offer after-hour appointments in advance.  Many plumbers work a typical Monday through Friday 9 to 5 work day and charge extra for plumbing emergencies on off hours.
  • Convenient and safe! Let your phone or tablet camera be my eyes.  I never need to set foot in your home.
  • Affordable!  Starting at $35 for the first first half hour, it may in some cases only take that long to determine your plumbing problem and a course of action for the repair.  Compare that to a plumber who typically charges at least $200 just to show up!
  • Pro plumbing help! Perfect for the DIYer who just needs some professional plumbing advice or plumbing code guidance.
  • Ask questions, get answers!  While it can be nice to search YouTube for plumbing solutions, you aren’t going to be able to ask questions during your video.  I have decades worth of plumbing experience and customer service and I am ready to offer you support.​

Example of How a Virtual Plumber Can Resolve Your Plumbing Issues

Let say you found water leaking in your basement near the hot water heater but you’re not sure exactly where it is coming from.  Yes, you should deal with this issue much sooner than later! 

Could it be the hot water heater?

Could it be the connecting pipes?

Could it be from somewhere else like maybe the furnace right next to it?
Leaking hot water heater next to a furnace

Virtual Plumbing Assistance will assist you to find out where this leak comes from with direction and guidance right through your media device.  Once we find your problem, we can then determine together the next step.  You may opt to repair it yourself, or maybe you will hire a professional plumber instead.  Either way, you are now informed!