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Virtual Plumbing Assistant Reviews…

You saved us so much stress!

“Hi John. Just wanted to send an update that Donnelle was able to replace the faucet. Thank you SO MUCH!!! You saved us so much stress! Donnelle and I are very grateful.”

John is the Man!

For thirty bucks and a video chat, I was able to fix my customer’s sump pump problem making me look like an instant hero.  I’m a general contractor and I normally leave plumbing to the experts, but while remodeling a customers basement, I need to act quick on a hard rainy day before my work area flooded.  John showed me the faulty one-way discharge valve was stuck open so water in the line would return back into the well again.  A quick Home Depot trip and I fixed a potential disaster!

Thank you, John!

My kitchen sink was dripping from the drain pipe under the cabinet and I couldn’t figure out why so I looked for plumbers, found Virtual Plumbing Assistant, and decided to try this first.  Glad I did!  Streaming my phone video, John pointed out what I couldn’t see myself.  The water trail from the cold water valve connection.  I replaced the braided hose and all is well.  Saved money and did it myself!

Best decision ever!

I do much of my own work, but I also want to do it right when it comes to plumbing.  Plumbers in my area want anywhere from $150 to $400 just to come to my home. John’s virtual service pricing was not only affordable, his guidance made my plumbing problem a breeze to fix.  Highly recommend!