How to Get Online Plumbing Advice: A Step-by-Step Guide

Unlocking the Power of Virtual Plumbing Assistance

Imagine this: it’s late in the evening, and you’re dealing with a plumbing issue that just won’t quit. You need help, and you need it fast. But having a plumber physically come to your home isn’t the most appealing option… like ever. So, what do you do? What choice do you have?

That’s where virtual plumbing assistance comes in. Let me walk you through a real-life scenario where online plumbing advice saved the day. It’s broken into steps as well.

Step 1: Reach Out for Help

When Virtual Plumbing Assistant was just starting out, a homeowner reached out with a desperate plea for plumbing advice. They had a leak in their laundry room washer hookup that was causing water to drain into their crawlspace. Yikes!

First, they did a search for plumbers in Google like most people would do, of course. In the search results, they found “People Also Ask” topics and that lead them to searching “online plumbing advice.” That’s how they came to find Virtual Plumbing Assistant. Perfect!  Immediate help without the visit of a plumber to their home.

Step 2: Connecting with a Professional

Upon receiving a website message, John, a professional plumber with Virtual Plumbing Assistant, jumped into action. He introduced himself and asked for more details, but the blurry pictures provided weren’t much help. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, John suggested a virtual chat to get a better look at the problem.

hot water shut-off valve on a rusted mount

Step 3: Virtual Inspection!

The homeowner explained their reluctance to have a plumber physically enter their home. John suggested a virtual chat to assess the issue, and the homeowner agreed. They were able to connect and view the problem by simply using the camera on their phone. The first order of business is tackling the leaking issue temporarily, so they found a way to collect leaking water with some old pans until the fix was in place.

Step 4: Investigating the Problem

During the virtual chat, the homeowner showed John the leak, and together, they identified the source – a split female fitting attached to the washer box. It was a complicated issue that would require some serious repair work. At this point, regardless if the homeowner will fix it themselves or hire in a pro, a plan is started – quick and efficient.

Step 5: Planning DIY Repair

With John’s guidance, the homeowner decided to tackle the repair themselves, opting for a DIY approach to save time and money. Together, they created a list of necessary parts and tools, and thanks to Amazon Prime, they were able to quickly order everything they needed.

Step 6: Executing the Repair

Now again, the homeowner had enough confidence to d this repair themselves.  The other option is to hire in a professional plumber.  Either way, the homeowner now has full knowledge of what needed to be done.

Armed with their supplies, the homeowner got to work. With John’s guidance via virtual chat, they cut the existing water line, installed a new ball valve, and pressurized the hot water line – all without the need for a professional plumber on-site.

Step 7: Celebrate Success

After completing the repair, the homeowner reached out to John to share the good news – no leaks! Thanks to virtual plumbing assistance, they were able to solve their plumbing issue without ever having to leave home.

Getting online plumbing advice can be a game-changer, especially in situations where having a plumber physically present isn’t feasible. By connecting with a professional virtually, you can troubleshoot plumbing issues, create repair plans, and execute DIY repairs with confidence. So, next time you’re facing a plumbing dilemma, don’t hesitate to reach out for virtual assistance – you might just save yourself time, money, and a whole lot of stress.

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